Bàs An Eich ("The Death of the Horse")

Posted on 15 April 2012

Lyrically outstanding, this recording of Lewis bard Coinneach “Red” Macleod’s hilarious paean to a beast quite literally on its last legs, was perfect fodder for a laddish comedy, “told” by a teller of tall tales in a pub. Sung by the highly popular Murdigan Macdonald, the ribald story translates perfectly to a modern, urban setting. Director Marcus Harben brought a clever sprinkling of pop video technique to the piece, and cast Greg McHugh (“Gary Tank Commander”) in the leading role. Wry and sexy with a twist, “Bàs An Eich” was completed just prior to the first transmission run of “Eadar-Chluich” – ending production with a laugh. Rick M. Walker shot the film, and Andy Fegen edited.